Primary Section

Siriwat Primary Section

Primary Section provides a child-centered, friendly, and safe environment.  School staff and members of the faculty assume a responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of the students, and ensure that each of them receive effective support.  Teachers dedicate some of their free time at school to respond to the queries of the parents and entertain them appropriately and respectfully when they are being approached by parents.

Regular Parents

Regular Parents – Teachers Meetings are held quarterly to discuss the student’s development and behavioral issues. siriwat School seeks other opportunities to maintain a good relationship with parents like conducting home visits and organizing parents breakfasts.

The Primary Section ensures a strong foundation in English

The Primary Section ensures a strong foundation in English through licensed and qualified Native English Speaking teachers who deliver the lesson using the English language primarily as the medium of instruction.  This allows the students to acquire the English language naturally and develop the different skills in learning the language.  Other major academic subjects are also being taught in English by specialized teachers who also fluently speak the language.

For students who do not have yet a complete grasp of English and those whose level of English is below standard, siriwat School provides well-structured ESL classes, taught by engaging and empathetic teachers, to foster an effective English language acquisition.

Siriwat Wittaya School  provides various professional development and educational training on classroom management, pedagogical topics, use of technology and online tools, first aid, and fire drill. These training enable the teachers to continuously improve their teaching method and strategies in order to facilitate and deliver their lessons effectively.

Siriwat Wittaya School utilizes an online school management system, providing an individual account for all staff, teachers, students, and parents. Through this platform, students and parents can access grades, attendance, assignments, and tuition and fees status, thus making it easier for the parents to track down their child’s academic and overall status at school.

Siriwat Wittaya School  conducts MAP Test (Measure of Academic Progress) twice a year in grades 2 to 6. This is an international adaptive online test which is a great tool used to track and record the progress of individual students in every subject. The results of this test allow the teachers to develop their lesson to cater to the individual needs and learning goals of the students. Aside from this, the school also provides students individual access to effective online learning platforms such as RAZ-Kids to improve their English skills, and IXL to practice basic and advanced skills in Math and improve their problem solving abilities.


Part of the support the Primary Section offers is the Homework Club which main goal is to assist students who need extra help and guidance in understanding their lessons and finishing their tasks. There are also other academic, non-academic, and sports clubs where students can explore other areas like Art Club, Music Club, English Club, Thai Club, Math Club, Football Club, O-NET Club, Dance Club, and Karate Club. These clubs, which aim to develop social, emotional, and intellectual development of the students, are scheduled as an extra period after school and can be arranged through the club coordinator. Saturday Club is dedicated to English courses which involves fun, interactive, and engaging activities to help improve English language skills of students.

Siriwat Primary Section allows all learners to be exposed to other fields and real-world learning and therefore organizes educational field trips to museums, zoos, science fairs and exhibits once every term. Schoolwide, section wide, and class wide competitions and activities are also organized to involve every student to participate and improve self-confidence by giving them the opportunity to take part and display their abilities and talents. These activities include Sports Day, End of Year Function, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Academic Day, Spelling Bee Competition, Math Games, Chess Competition, most of them are held annually. Aside from participating in the local events and competitions, the school also consistently encourages, actively trains and prepares students to join national competitions and international olympiads such as the International Math Challenge and International Robotic Challenge, American Math Olympiads, SASMO, IJMO, Football tournaments, SOSOWOTO.

With the participation of students in various competitions representing the school, siriwat School awards certificates of appreciation for students who bring success in different activities, competitions, tournaments, and Olympiads to encourage them more and also to acknowledge their excellent performance.

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