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Parents, students enrolled in or set to attend the school, school employees, and all other people having a real interest in or connection to the school are all considered to be members of the school community.

Building strong sense of community in School

Consider yourself a student starting your first year at a new school. Imagine the setting.

We promote a sense of community between our students, parents, and teachers that compliment personal growth and learning. From managers to teachers and administrative staff, students are exposed to leadership that lights the path ahead. They are shown the right way and given tender loving care to follow this good direction in their day-to-day attention to studies. Our teachers have a global perspective that is encouraged in the thinking of our students.

Life in the area of siriwat

Siriwat Wittaya School is located in the heart of a secure and beautiful community of the Permsen Road, Sai Mai District.

You can see students freely travelling to school from home with their families or using local public transit, bus station, or motorbike taxi.

Community Events

Parents can look forward to a variety of community-building events that siriwat organizes throughout the year. In order for these to be planned and carried out successfully, including but not limited to:
A family trip at Siriwat Wittaya School is one of the school's events, and it is attended by parents, students, alumni, teachers, other staff members, principals, etc.

Enrollment is open now!

Admission is open to all students of any nationality who fulfill our admissions criteria. Students may be admitted at any time during the school year.

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