The students of Siriwat Wittaya School have always marked their presence wherever they go. They have been reaching heights of success since 1964.

Welcome to School Alumni! Learners then, Leaders now

Building a professional network is already essential to enhancing your present or future professional integration, regardless of whether you are a high school or university student. Utilize LinkedIn to expand your professional network, and join the Siriwat Wittaya School LinkedIn account for potential future collaboration. However, are you aware of the advantages and reach of a Siriwat Wittaya school alumni association? We'll fill you in on every detail!

Aims & Objectives

To connect all the seniors so they can exchange experiences with one another.
To keep the database of all siriwat graduates up to date and engage with them
To encourage current students in their decision to study and better employment.
To get engagement and interest from the Alumni on how to improve the school's overall social.

Alumni Registration

Alumni, including recent graduates, from schools, graduate programs, or any other significant higher education institution make up an alumni association. This network might be global, particularly if the alumni have pursued employment abroad. Campus affiliation is irrelevant because everyone is a part of this alumni network.

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