Back to School in New Normal Parents’ Information Package

Back to School in New Normal Parents’ Information Package

Welcome to the new school year at Siriwat Wittaya School. This new school year means a new beginning, and some changes. The team at the school is caring, competent, dedicated and willing to assist you, and we are all excited about this coming school year. We are all working very hard to provide the best possible learning environment for our students. We believe that education is a shared responsibility and that the successful operation of a school depends on the cooperation of everyone involved: students, parents, and staff. The mission of the school is to create a partnership between these three. Each of us is responsible for doing his or her part to make our school a place where we can all strive together in harmony.

Siriwat Wittaya School is a reflection of all of us. All our policies are intended to provide a safe and orderly environment that is conducive to learning. Our faculty and staff look forward to sharing their academic expertise and organising special programs and, extra curricular activities. We encourage you to get to know the school, its programs, activities, and routine. Become an active participant in our school and get involved through classes, clubs and activities.

This handbook is an overview of our school’s goals, services and rules. It is an essential reference book describing what we expect and how we do things. Read it carefully, discuss it with your parents/children, and let it serve as a guide for your effective involvement in all areas of the school. It has been written to provide everybody with the information that will make your academic year purposeful and rewarding in every aspect. Keep this handbook in hand, as you are going to use this information throughout the school year.

The school has taken crucial steps to prevent Covid-19. Please read thoroughly and take precautions as suggested in this handbook.

On the behalf of the entire school staff and community, we extend our best wishes for a great school year.

Parent & Student Handbook 2020

School Calendar 2020-2021

Covid 19 Policies and Guidelines